All That Glitters

all that glitters

All That Glitters is now available via your favourite music download stores and streaming services!

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It’s an edit (4m05s) from the album version which is somewhat longer (10m18s). On the album it’s the only track on which I don’t play all the instruments – there is a violin part played by the supremely talented Hana Piranha which really brings it to life.

The cover for the single, and the forthcoming album, is by Hop House Design. It reflects a lot of themes which we’ll no doubt discuss in more detail when the album finally arrives (this is now likely to be October).

About the track itself, it was written around the middle of last year and is probably the single biggest reason why I’m not releasing an electronic album now – working on little bits over the past year(!) has turned me back on to singing, playing guitars and “real” instruments and so on. You could even say that this got me back to The Resonance Association