Away From The World

I am pleased to announce that I have finally completed mixing my new solo album “Away From The World”.

I started working on an EP last summer and have slowly been adding and subtracting bits and pieces until now. From a pool of 22 tracks I have selected my favourite 10:

  1. Gold As The Sun 5’53”
  2. Getaway 3’12”
  3. All That Glitters 10’18”
  4. The Mountain 4’16”
  5. North Drive 6’46”
  6. Coin-Op 5’09”
  7. A Future State 5’34”
  8. To The Real 6’24”
  9. Gold As The Process 7’19”
  10. Atone 7’44”

I recorded all the tracks at home, with the exception of the violin parts on All That Glitters that were played and recorded by Hana Piranha.

I recorded the vocals for Gold As The Sun and All That Glitters at the mighty Rocket Studio in Croydon, engineered by the one and only Gavin Kinch.

I’m very pleased with this album: it’s quite diverse, reflecting the many styles that influence my writing and producing. There are certainly echoes of Marillion, Coil, Ghostly International, No-man, The Beatles and The Beach Boys lurking in these songs.

The next step is to get the album artwork done – more on this in due course…