Away From The World

Finally, after a very long wait, here is my second solo album, “Away From The World”.

It’s available now as a free download from Bandcamp. Enjoy!

All That Glitters

all that glitters

All That Glitters is now available via your favourite music download stores and streaming services!

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It’s an edit (4m05s) from the album version which is somewhat longer (10m18s). On the album it’s the only track on which I don’t play all the instruments – there is a violin part played by the supremely talented Hana Piranha which really brings it to life.

The cover for the single, and the forthcoming album, is by Hop House Design. It reflects a lot of themes which we’ll¬†no doubt discuss in more detail when the album finally arrives (this is now likely to be October).

About the track itself, it was written around the middle of last year and is probably the single biggest reason why I’m not releasing an electronic album now – working on little bits over the past year(!) has turned me back on to singing, playing guitars and “real” instruments and so on. You could even say that this got me back to The Resonance Association

Away From The World

I am pleased to announce that I have finally completed mixing my new solo album “Away From The World”.

I started working on an EP last summer and have slowly been adding and subtracting bits and pieces until now. From a pool of 22 tracks I have selected my favourite 10:

  1. Gold As The Sun 5’53”
  2. Getaway 3’12”
  3. All That Glitters 10’18”
  4. The Mountain 4’16”
  5. North Drive¬†6’46”
  6. Coin-Op¬†5’09”
  7. A Future State 5’34”
  8. To The Real 6’24”
  9. Gold As The Process 7’19”
  10. Atone 7’44”

I recorded all the tracks at home, with the exception of the violin parts on All That Glitters that were played and recorded by Hana Piranha.

I recorded the vocals for Gold As The Sun and All That Glitters at the mighty Rocket Studio in Croydon, engineered by the one and only Gavin Kinch.

I’m very pleased with this album: it’s quite diverse, reflecting the many styles that influence my writing and producing. There are certainly echoes of Marillion, Coil, Ghostly International, No-man, The Beatles and The Beach Boys lurking in these songs.

The next step is to get the album artwork done – more on this in due course…


Another mixed bag of electronic goodness for you this month. This month’s playlist includes some great tracks from Jamie xx, Beacon, Tycho, East India Youth, School Of Seven Bells, Robert Logan, Peaking Lights… it’s a good one to kick back and have a few drinks to…

Unreleased songs and other distractions


It’s been a long holiday weekend in the UK, which has meant that I’ve had the opportunity to go through some of the unreleased tracks that are building up in the archive.

Daniel Vincent, Croydon, May 2015

I’m starting to plan a compilation release which will tie up these loose ends into a nice package, maybe a cassette and download.

There’s just over an hour’s worth of material which I’d like to release at some point, and some other odds and ends which may be worth another listen…

Also, you may be interested to hear that Fragments of Sound, the collaboration I did with¬†Atay Ilg√ľn back in 2011 for Tape Your Mouth, may get a re-release later this year. Atay and I need to work out the details, but I’m keen for this to happen!

Now, it’s time for this month’s playlist!


COIN-OP: out now on Bandcamp, coming soon to iTunes etc

My new EP COIN-OP is now available to download from my Bandcamp page. The EP features three tracks originally recorded last year in Norfolk all of which have been extensively remixed and mastered for this release.

This EP really continues the electronic direction started on the Hopton EP (originally these new tracks were going to be part of an EP entitled Hopton II) and have been a joy to work on. There are more tracks in this style which will appear later on, possibly as part of an album.

So, if you like my previous stuff, or if you like stuff on labels like Ghostly International or Warp Records, then you should get something from this new EP.

The lead track COIN-OP will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Napster, Xbox Music, Deezer, etc, from Sunday onwards. Please add it to your playlists when it arrives!